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About the Coalition

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Cat Reproduction Pyramid

Each year—

•  Families who cannot afford spay/neuter veterinarian fees (as much as to $150 per cat) must contend with unwanted kittens and puppies, often disposing of them in inhumane ways;

•  Farmers and ranchers must watch feral cat colonies multiply and deal with the surplus population, again often in inhumane ways;

•  Local shelters are forced to euthanize healthy, adoptable cats and dogs for lack of space. The intake/euthanasia rate in Rapid City is far higher than that in cities of comparable size (HSUS).

Donna Watson, Coalition President
Donna Watson, Coalition founder and president

The Coalition was formed in 2005 by a group of Black Hills residents concerned about serious pet overpopulation in the area as reflected in the high intake and euthanasia numbers in town shelters. After incorporating in the state of South Dakota and receiving our 501(c)3 status, we began to research methods that other concerned animal activists around the country had undertaken to address this problem. Ultimately we decided that our best approach would be through sponsoring low-cost spay/neuter cat clinics for low-income clients, since no similar services existed (and still do not) in all of West River, SD. We spent the next few months recruiting generous, caring veterinarians willing to devote their time to this cause and to perform reduced-cost spay/neuter. These veterinarians demostrate their dedication to saving animal lives by reducing shelter deaths through spay/neuter, and we recommend them highly if you are in need of veterinary services for any of your pets.

Clinics: Our participating vets set aside time especially to fix Coalition cats. A volunteer checks the cats in and works with you on paying for the surgery.

Vouchers: Occasionally we issue vouchers to cat guardians who, for some valid reason, cannot attend the clinics. Instructions for using the vouchers will be explained by Coalition volunteers, and is also provided on the voucher form itself.

With the assistance of participating veterinarians in Rapid City and the northern Black Hills who graciously donate their reduced cost services, our dedicated volunteers who donate their time and energy and love, many generous donor organizations that have funded our projects, and the donations we receive every month from people like you, we have fixed thousands of kitties, and helped to prevent many more thousands of shelter deaths.

OUR MISSION:To alleviate the animal suffering that results from pet overpopulation by providing affordable spay/neuter services to low-income pet guardians and feral cat caretakers.

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